Data Services Builder

The DSB, or Data Services Builder, is a web based tool for editing, managing and testing data services targeted for accessing your data via the Teiid runtime framework.

The DSB is being designed to create and manage the necessary deployable metadata for defining and accessing your data via Teiid VDB and data source definitions.

You can download, install and try out our DSB milestones from here:

You can track development of this tool via our sprint page:

DSB Resources

The issue tracker for this web tooling is located here:

The GIT repos used for developing and building the Data Services Builder include the following...

  • Provides Teiid runtime artifact metamodel definition and backing ModeShape/JCR repository functionality.
  • Provides an modeling/editing framework to work with runtime artifact definitions such as VDB's, models, tables, columns, connections, data sources etc...
  • Provides REST API functionality for web-based UI access
  • VDB Builder CLI tooling

  • Teiid-related contributions to Modeshape sequencers for definition and sequencing of Teiid runtime artifacts:  vdb.xml, *.vdb (archives) and Teiid *.ddl (models)

  • Web UI related source including Data Service Builder

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tei·id (TEE-id)

adj.   pertaining to a family of tropical American whip-tailed lizards noted for speed and agility.
n.   a set of open source enterprise information integration tools noted for their ability to rapidly create data services that can quickly adapt to changes in your IT environment.