Latest Milestone Release  9.0 Final  - December 17, 2014

  • Update Site -  (See installation instructions at the bottom of this page)
  • Download (zip)
  • Compatible with Teiid 8.8 and earlier releases
  • Download favorite Eclipse distro - Eclipse 4.4

Primary drivers for 9.0 include:

  • Upgrade to Eclipse Luna target platform
  • Compatibility with Teiid 8.8 Runtime
  • Bug fixing with special attention to Windows issues

Latest Stable Release  9.0 Final  - December 17, 2014

6.x, 7.x, 8.0 - 8.6 Releases..

Installation into Luna tooling

Install into JBDS 8.0

Install into Eclipse 4.4 (Luna)


 Note 1: Due to a bug in the early versions of jdk 1.6, it is recommended that the minimum version to used with Eclipse and Teiid Designer is jdk  The bug prevented parsing a built-in Model Extenstion Definition.

Note 2: if the Teiid Designer version in the integration stack is older than the latest version, simply install the latest via :


Teiid Designer in the News


tei·id (TEE-id)

adj.   pertaining to a family of tropical American whip-tailed lizards noted for speed and agility.
n.   a set of open source enterprise information integration tools noted for their ability to rapidly create data services that can quickly adapt to changes in your IT environment.